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Former public television producer-director; initiating culminating career, Common Lot Productions, towards policy-making bodies that are of, BY and for the people.

Irish Constitutional Convention was selected via sortition

The Irish vote for marriage equality started at a constitutional convention. The convention was selected by sortition — by random selection … ensuring dispassionate, informed deliberation by statistically-representative citizenry.

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Sortition to choose citizen jury to blacklist corrupt politicians in South Korea elections

In the new book by Shaazke Beyerle, Curtailing Corruption: People Power for Accountability and Justice, a randomly chosen group of regular citizens — from a matrix reflecting the whole population — served as a ‘citizen jury’ that confirmed results of an … Continue reading

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“J’ai pas voté” (I didn’t vote) – 46 minute video

This is a well produced video — with many graphics — assessing the current crisis in politics from the French perspective. Sortition is proposed as a solution.

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Sortition insured fair jury for indictment of Texas governor

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Analysis programme BBC R4 24 Feb 2014 – feedback

Originally posted on Equality by lot:
A splendid piece with excellent contributions from Barbara and Peter. (I spoke to the producer and gave him a lot of pointers, but couldn’t do the interview because of a 3-week break in Tenerife)…

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(text) Sortition and Unarmed Peacekeeping as Steps to Abolish War

Steps to Abolish War: Unarmed Peacekeeping and a Two-Legged Democracy

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Steps Toward Abolishing War: Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping and a Two-Legged Democracy (no intro)

Abolition of slavery was once unthinkable. Nonviolent methods are now proven effective. A statistically-representative legislature is not impossible. War can be made unthinkable. This version has no introduction.

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